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Synthetic Corundum

Choose ruby or sapphire as the best gemstones

Who does not love wearing the precision-cut, beautiful looking corundum? The synthetic corundum is useful for various applications due to their stability and toughness. Some of us have not heard the term, corundum. However, we would like to inform you that sapphire and ruby are the gem corundum. Corundum has high chemical resistant and scratch resistant feature. The good news for you is that the lab-created ones have also the attractive designs.Although the researchers go through the intricate lab processes, this synthetic corundum is available at a lower price. Some of us used to say the lab-grown gemstones are fake. However, the truth is that the research just imitates the natural processes. The crystal structure chemical composition and optics of these synthetic gemstones are similar to that of the natural ones. Sometime, the gemologists are not able to differentiate them.

Lab Created (Synthetic) Gemstones
Lab Created (Synthetic) Gemstones

Synthetic corundum created with a synthetic process

Technologies have made it much easier to represent the beauty of natural corundum (sapphire) in the lab-created versions. You can find the lab-created sapphire in different shades- yellow, light blue, bright blue and royal blue.
Natural sapphires are one of the forms of corundum, having a formula of Al2O3. The researchers produce the synthetic sapphires in the specially controlled environments. They rely on flame fusion method to have a higher quality yield.
Auguste Verneuil was first to apply this flame fusion technique to create the synthetic gemstones. In this synthesis process, he used aluminum oxide powder and trace elements for making different types of synthetic corundum.
In this special flame-fusion process, you can find the crystallization of the liquid within the optical and chemical properties. However, you will get crystals of various shapes.
In this special flame-fusion process, you can find the crystallization of the liquid within the optical and chemical properties. However, you will get crystals of various shapes.

Lab Created (Synthetic) Gemstones
Lab Created (Synthetic) Gemstones

Why the synthetic stones have different colors

To generate the color of natural gemstones, the researchers add foreign elements at the time of forming the synthetic product. For instance, they use the iron and titanium for the synthetic blue sapphire. While there is chromium, you will have the pink colored synthetic stones. The titanium and chromium together present you with the purplish pink colored sapphire. When the researchers do not have added any foreign element, you will have white sapphire.

To conclude, we have to say that without careful analysis and magnification, no one is able to distinguish the synthetic corundum. When you have thought of offering jewelry with gemstone, you can choose the flame fusion sapphires and rubies. These flame fusion corundums are the best choice. Invest on the high-quality corundum and get the best value from it. From engagement rings to pendants and necklace, all types of jewelries are available with different colored corundum gemstones. Based on your purpose and taste, you may buy any of them.

Lab Created Synthetic corundum
Chemical composition Al2O3
Crystal Structure Hexagonal
Purity 99.99%
Refractive Index 1.717
Density 3.98-4.1 g/cm3
Hardness Mohs 9
Manufacturing Method Verneuil, also called Flame Fusion
Lab Created (Synthetic) Gemstones
Lab Created (Synthetic) Gemstones

Synthetic spinel, was first produced accidentally during an attempt to make a satisfactory blue synthetic sapphire by the Verneuil process. Instead of the blue sapphire they discovered synthetic spinels like Synthetic Blue Spinel. These lab created blue spinel are exact copy of their Natural counterparts. The real Blue Spinel is very expensive but the top quality synthetic blue spinel is very cheap in comparison.

Synthetic spinel is widely used because it is slightly softer than synthetic corundum, it can be fashioned more rapidly and less expensively. Secondly, several of the colors in which it is made are better imitation for a number of natural stones than those made in synthetic corundum. Displayed is an example of a darker blue spinel. We have other shades available as well including light blue spinel and greay-blue spinel.

HARDNESS 8.5 Moh’s Scale
DENSITY 3.98 – 4.1 g/cm3
PURITY 99.99%
Lab Created (Synthetic) Gemstones

The Synthetic Blue Spinel is also used as a birthstone for the month of September. You may find all over the internet where they say the sapphire is the color for the birthstones but the resemblance of the lab created blue spinel to the blue sapphire makes it a cheap and a top alternative to sapphire for the September birthstone.

The benefits of wearing jewelry with Lab Created Blue Spinel gemstone is Synthetic Blue Spinel can help you with truth, sincerity and constancy Lab Created Blue Spinel symbolises Love, Faith, Wisdom Synthetic Blue Spinel should be given as a special gift to close ones or family members Prices for loose stonesSynthetic Blue Spinel/ Lab Created Blue Spinel are as below. The prices for different shades in Lab Created Blue Spinel like #112, #113, #114 will have the same prices as listed below. If you need the shapes and sizes that are not listed here, please email to